Thursday, August 13, 2009

! D i r t y H o !

we were chillin and I decided I wanted to wrestle…it was all fun & sexy games until...

i took the friendliest sucker punch to my soft, defenseless gut. [lawd. have. mercy.] it just plain hurt. i wasn't mad though; he was just playing around and got a little too heavy handed--besides, im the one who initiated the roughhousing…well…that's what I told myself but I was mad. i HAD to get him back for that.

i threw around my body weight with the intent of man-handling him…I failed :-\. In my new found aggression, he saw how serious I'd become so he decided to lighten my mood by attacking my midsection with his big-ass hands. Relentlessly, he tickled me; to the point that i was violently flailing about so i could get away from doing so i accidentally punched him in the face [...oops :-S... ]. he was a.n.g.e.r.e.d. and so he set out to show me who exactly wears the wrestling-pants…

I found out that, in fact, I do not wear those pants.

both of us had now been injured by each other's clumsiness, yet, we still hadn't learned a big enough lesson to call it quits.

The childish tousling and shoving made it's way out of the bedroom into the hall and almost through the wall(!!) when I ran at him and pushed him against it and felt it buckle...


I put all of the madness on pause to survey the damage because my $750 security deposit flashed before my eyes…I looked it over for a good minute and a half…and then we were back at it...

moving out of the hallway toward the refrigerator, it was an absolute fluke of hyperactivity and revenge, i hip tossed his all of his 145lbs onto the kitchen floor. He'd officially had enough. He trapped me in some kind of UFC death grip wherein I was rendered completely immobile for an entire 7 minutes, until I swore I would stop all the nonsense.

by the end of it all we were worn out; sweaty, sore and still mad at each other for all of the accidentals.

It all started as a game. We vowed never to play again.


Milan said...

LMAO! It's funny how something so playful, you guys ended up accidentally jackin each other up. This story reminded me of the scene in What's Love Got to Do With It when Ike n Tina go at it in the limosine and are limpin with busted lips into the hotel to check in.

Hope it won't cost you much to get that wall fixed! That's bananas!

svrbrownsuga said...

I played this game before however I learned my lesson lol haha

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