Monday, February 23, 2009

jimmy beans & jada kidd

i kno i haven't shown my face around these parts for a while but to make it up to you...i have story to tell you! lol its an old story so for those of you who know it already, lo siento (i'll think up another misadventure to relive) here it is...t'was the fall of 07 and all through the house.... and curly were approached by these two guys @ this law students bbq right, one's name was Jim, but "they" call him Jimmy Beans. he's sumthing like a rapper...but not quite ((he's "gonna be the puerto rican you see on tv..." because, you know, we never see puerto ricans on tv....right.)) so he was all excited about that...,now the other one looked JUST like jadakiss and i mean he could have really been, from the tims, half shut eyes and almost black lips... he even started rapping to me (which was a little embarassing)...but his name wasn't not jada nothing, it was jason(lol)...and he's not really a rapper, he stocks trucks for UPS...
so me and curly were put through the usual formalities of the "let me holla" thing. she was talking jimmy beans and i was chillin with jadakidd...talking about puppies lol...but then i hear curly say to Beans,

"let me hear you kick somethin!"

whoa. what?? next thing i know i hear

"run up in your spot, bustin' blah blah blah...
...see you wit ya blue thong on whomp, whomp, whomp...."

mister. was going. to. town. making it his mission to show us how queens' finest gets it in. so, while Beans is lettin mercedz know how he strokes with the semi under the pillow i get a tap on the arm...
now jada's started up!!
so he's spittin his own rendition of 20 questions, askin "shorty, can i be that man?" and "ma, you know what thug look like?"

it gets better...

somewhere along the way curly got up and left, unbeknownest to yours truly, while both beans and kidd are showcasing their once.
...and im just sitting there. stuck. caught in a crossfire of verbal f*cking and murder.

the end :D smh


svrbrownsuga said...

haha, happy to see ya back in action..This story cracks me up everytime

AGrlCanMAC said...

LMAO. That is hilarious! I'm mad curly left you in the crossfire. LOL.

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