Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm an artist trudging through law school.

After trying for so long to do this blog thing but kind of failing, due to the fact that I never update [:-(], I've decided to give it the old heave-ho and start…yet again. I think all the time about what to add, but it's almost as if im putting myself on the spot and I go completely blank. I. get. nothing. It's like the classic interview-opener, "so, tell me about yourself" and I trying to think of pertinent information to offer…only, pertinent to what?

So, now I remember the point of this thing. My life is full of silliness and fuckery [I've added this to my MS dictionary btw]; ridiculous people and unbelievable situations that I can no longer stand for going unaddressed…so, share I shall. Here we go, take 3...

So, a little bit about me:

• I'm a ~creative~ writer so bare with me if the simplest message is convoluted by verbosity and unnecessary phrasing.
• I love art and creating; I want to share some of my work but im very sensitive--likely to cry-- about it so I'm not yet sure if I will.
• My mind is always all over the place, making me a RanDom person.
I'm not patient. concentration is a chore for me; I prefer to let things just come to me on their own terms rather than exerting unnecessary amounts of time or energy trying to get to the proverbial point B.
• Im scared of commitment…I just found this out today (Tuesday, August 11, 2009) :-\
• I LOVE talking...


Milan said...

Glad ur gonna start over cuz I miss your hilarious stories. Hope all has been well with ya miss. Didn't know you were on Twitter. I'm gonna follow you. Follow me if you like, my sn is stylnprofyln

svrbrownsuga said...

Hola!! welcome back RM :D

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