Monday, September 8, 2008

..@...r.T..!...s.t: born with purpose not knowledge

im an artist....just a reflection:

i came home from school and the first thing i heard was my father’s accusing voice. he was not angry but almost threatening me with his disappointment. "your teacher told me that you've been day dreaming in class, is that true?" i said no. i was in the first grade. it's funny because whenever i think back on that day i say to myself that even if i did realize that i was daydreaming (because i did not notice that while i was flying over the rooftops of Randallstown, i was really taking a spelling test), hearing the tone of my father’s voice, that disapproval, i knew i would have said no and betray my love for imagination either way...

i’ve always been a dreamer. a lot of times i cannot even differentiate between what i’ve done and what’s impossible. my dreams want so much to be a part of my life that not even they allow me to sleep; they wake me, incite me and i write and live them. i think impeccable things and i say things that do not make sense. i live a grounded life and my reality is as distant as unseen stars; absent but elevated and shining just as brightly as Scorpius… i am a dreamer. this is who He made me, who He's kept me and into whom he continues to mold me.

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