Friday, August 8, 2008

One of Many Misadventures

i'll start by saying that i don't think it was, we [Rachel Michelle & Brown] meet up with a couple of friends in the city. Locks meets us as we're getting off the elevator so he can hold our coats [february] while we make our entrance [fabulous]. as we're approaching the lounge, Locks tells Brown and I that there is a sort of middle-sexed individual where we are sitting and to be prepared...

silly me...i assumed that Locks was forewarning us of the puzzlement to be induced by the sexually ambiguous atmosphere. he was not. in saying “be prepared” what Locks said, devoid of all of the pertinent words, was “be prepared as i show my ass and call this young lady a man in several hundred ways.”

although i did find it funny, i still felt a nagging remorse; and for that reason i was glad that Locks kept his commentary only within earshot of me and Brown. i was also glad that as Locks drank more and more, he was less and less able to focus on his feigned perception of the young lady’s 5 o’clock shadow. thereon, the evening progressed rather amicably. the lounge was closing, so we were heading to a private lounge (there were four of us altogether [Rachel Michelle & Brown, Locks & 4th Party]). then, Locks asks, i wouldn't say loudly but, at a sort of drunken decibel,

"what about this man, are we taking him with us? am i whispering?"

he was not whispering. *sigh*


svrbrownsuga said...

Wow, very interesting RM... but seems like it was a fun adventure and the pic is too cute!

Xquizzyt1 said...

Hmm... I think I remember this night. Which was extra hilarious.

Xquizzyt1 said...

GASP!!! I'm "Brown" How much do I love that???

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